Play With Fire Welcomes Performance

Saturday November 21, 2009

6 PM, Artist Demonstration: Toy’s Opera (Adam Kendall, Yoni Niv, Elad Schniderman)

A multimedia performance written for and incorporating small moving toys and found-objects, video,physical computing, and sound art.

The miniature 5ft x 4ft stage, performative video, and interactive serially-operated devices (controlled via an Arduino physical-computing microcontroller) are the heart of the project. The rich,realistic world of HO-scale model trains is the source-material for video and audio. Cameras positioned in and around the stage feed an automated video mixer and custom video-processing software.


November 15, 2009, 4pm-12am

1717 Troutman Street, Floor 2, Brooklyn, New York

Capping off the week of video installations, the 1717 Troutman location will be transformed into a one night only performance!

Play with Fire is proud to showcase an international selection of video artists. Each performance reimagines the role of performer and audience. By challenging their definitions, these artists not only progress the field of video art but also push the boundaries of space  and collaboration in performance. We are excited to celebrate their work in such close proximity.


NICK LESLEY, Epic Doom: Black Metal City



A generative sound and video installation that processes the physical actions of visitors and passersby.  Epic Doom utilizes the familiar and extreme black-metal aesthetic to allude to modern society’s shared sense of panic. 

ILAN KATIN, Decrepticon

The meaning of the name is derived from the animated television series Transformers. I was interested in conveying the idea that despite all our technological advances were still humans.

In 2007 I was invited to do a performance at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. Named ‘decrepticon_0001′ it manifested itself as an eight hour performance where I communicated with the public by using Photoshop and a drawing tablet that had a contact mic attached to it in order to amplify the sounds of the pen upon it. I was situated behind a large transparent screen with me seated at a desk just behind it. The project continues to evolve through photographs, illustrations, small video clips and VJ performances.

NEAR EAST FAMILY, Particle Motion Machine

The kinetic theory of matter states that all matter consists of a large number of small particles that are in a continual state of motion.  We will explore this concept through image, light, sound, and movement in performance.  Our work constructs alternate views and experiences of reality that present our idea of the sublime:  a carefully structured formlessness, a boundlessness of being which we cannot fully comprehend but can identify and are compelled to explore.




“In our view Rafael is one of the European stars of narrative performance, always witty, challenging, sensitive and engaging in a way unlike anyone else we’ve ever come across. What more can we say apart make sure you see this.”

Nlab @ the Tate Britain (April 2008)

Outpt + Paris



Mary Ann Benedetto (Outpt) and Paris Treantafeles create live visuals using game systems and custom software. The use of game systems and custom software reacting to game controllers allows the VJ to “play” visuals as they would a video game. Just as a game player requires precise and immediate control to navigate and react to a virtual environment, our visuals respond fluidly through the intuitive interface of game system controls. This allows for tight synchronization between music and visuals to create a more dynamic performance. The applications use a mix of custom video material (as clips) and procedural animations. For example, in one custom application that creates patterns algorithmically joysticks motion and buttons are mapped to control variables such as frequency, amplitude, and colors of the patterns as well as cycle through hundreds of possible mathematical equations. 

 Masahiro Kahata, Brain DJVJ

Brain DJVJ

Brain DJVJ

iPhone application which controls both visual and audio aspects of a performance through brainwave signal.

Alison Childs



Alison Childs

Alison Childs

Alison Childs is a video artist and graphic designer living in New York City.

Her live installations have accompanied internationally renown live acts and DJs such as Juan Atkins, Glass Candy, Special Disco Version, The Juan MacLean, Morgan Geist, Dam Funk, Cosmo Vitelli, Surkin, Cluster, Daniel Wang, Trans Am, Tussle, and Zombi. Her music videos for independent bands, single-channel video works and installations have been included in international film and video festivals worldwide.

vjset by Kinotek and LanVideosource


Kinotek is an italian collective dealing with experimental video and digital media, working in the intersections of video design, vjing, live media and AV installations. Since 2001 the Kinotek crew is been resident vj for clubs such as ex Bocciodromo, Supper Club and Goa club in Rome and has partecipated at international festivals as Cimatics in Brussels, Optronica in London, Contact Europe and AVIT in Berlin, Club to Club, RomaEuropa, Dissonanze and Live Performers Meeting in Italy.
In 2003 is been awarded best vj at Elettrowave festival, and since 2004 is member of the network.

LanVideosource is a duo based in Rome, Italy, founded by Enzo Varriale and Gianluca Lisco. They engage in the creation of audiovisual artworks, A/V live performances, live sets and products of visual design, exploring margins of fusion between visual and acoustic domains. By using the information sampled in complex and chaotic domains (human brain activity, information on WWW, the daily television flow, etc.) as raw material, they operate a displacement of the data’s structure, obtaining generative audiovisual hybrids.
By extrapolating the information from his natural context and “decoding” it by different expressive languages, LanVideosource bring to evidence the aesthetic content of the data itself, usually latent in the “dark side” of information.


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