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What the Examiner says about Play With Fire Festival:


“In these days of corporate logos projected onto city sidewalks and Jessica Yellin appearing on CNN via hologram, many of us may have become blase about video as an artform. Yet there are many artists out there who continue to not only create new works, but who also continually redefine the role of creator and viewer and even the boundaries between video and reality.

Catch up with the latest in video art at thePlay With Fire Festival, taking place from November 7 – 21. Presented by theHarvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, the festival will feature an art exhibit, live performances, workshops, and panel discussions. Every event in the festival is free.

Gabriel Barcia-ColomboAlison ChildsMasahiro Kahata, and the Near East Family are among the many artists who will be involved. With works that cite influences as diverse as black metal, video games, iPhone apps, and the TV series “Transformers,” the festival promises to be anything but dull.

The Play With Fire Festival art exhibition will be held from Nov. 7 – 15 at 1717 Troutman Street, 2nd floor, in Brooklyn. Video performances will be held at the same space on the evening of November 15. Workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations will take place at Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, Suite 602, in Manhattan throughout the week of Nov. 15 – 21.”


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