Celebrating the breadth and depth of video possibilities through art. A plethora of live video editors, electronic and interactive artists, video and installation artists who use the moving image outside the “box”. Coming from as far as Italy, Switzerland and Germany these artists willshowcase their work with the video community in New York City. The festival encourages a cross-pollination between these disciplines but also seeks to generate new interest in video applications.

For two weeks and in two different locations the festival is proud to host: Katja Loher’s video planets, a demonstration by Berlin based Modul8 software representative and performer, Ilan Katin and a night of performance featuring video artist and collaborator, Alison Childs, and the Spanish AV(Audio/Video) perfomer: *Rafael*.



The art space located at 1717 Troutman Street in Brooklyn, NY will exhibit Play With Fire installations and performances from November 7-15, 2009. These events are running alongside the exhibition, Black Thursday Halloween City!!!Black Friday Fireworks Stand (BTHCBFFS). The event is collectively spanning five loft spaces and hosting over 70 artists in the newly renovated commercial building on the Bushwick-Ridgewood border. Opening receptions will occur on November 7 from 4PM-8PM, and alongside the BETAspaces, Arts in Bushwick event on Sunday November 8, from 12PM-6PM.


Capping off the week, the 1717 Troutman location will be transformed into a one night only performance! The event will run from 4PM-12AM on November 15, 2009.Performances range from interactive installations to an explosion of visuals set to music. Reimagining the role of performer and audience and always using video, this event will showcase the progressive use of video for performance and push the boundaries of space and collaboration.


From November 15-21, 2009 all Play With Fire events will take place at Harvestworks Digitial Media Arts Centre in Manhattan. Sunday’s two hour demonstration of Modul8, the industry standard live-video editing software, will begin the series, followed by a week of artist talks considering space, collaboration and the interdisciplinary tendencies of video.

The festival will end with a final demonstration on Saturday November 21, 2009 at 6 PM, of “Toy’s Opera”, a miniature opera/multimedia performance written for and incorporating small moving toys by collaborative: Adam Kendall (video; software programming), Yoni Niv (physical computing; sound) and Elad Shniderman (sound).


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