Toy’s Opera today at 6PM Closing out the Festival

Please join us in this final performance at Harvestworks tonight (November 21) at 6PM. Adam Kendall, Yoni Niv and Elad Schniderman perform this intricate audio video piece, a “small town” comes to life through amplification and live video and feedback. 

An exciting example of the possibilities of experimentation with both sound and image. These three artists spoke about their work  on Wednesday night with Nick Lesley, and this performance will be a great opportunity to see the practice behind the discussion.

Please join us also in celebrating the close of the first Play With Fire Festival. It has been a truly exceptional past two weeks. The artwork and dialog presented on the topic of progressive video application completely blew me away. I am always impressed by the dedication and professionalism present in New York. But this festival was particularly important personally as a practitioner of progressive video. I can only hope to continue providing an avenue for artists in this field to present their work in a friendly environment!

All the best and I hope to see you next year for another round of Play With Fire!!

Kristin Trethewey


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Final Artist Talk Today at Harvestworks!!


Don’t miss the final artist talk at Harvestworks tonight. This evening should be a great one! 

7 PM, Artist Talk: Video Sculpture, Video Painting

An evening of talks by digital video artists who utilize new technologies while incorporating traditional ideas of craft into their production process and installation designs – through coding custom tools for controlling video playback, designing video for projection onto unique surfaces, and sculpting data from contemporary culture. Participants include Gabe Barcia-Colombo, Katja Loher, and Jeremy Rotsztain.

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Tonight at Harvestworks

Tuesday November 17, 2009, 7PM

Artist Talk: Visualizing Brainwaves

The KINOTEK collaborative from Rome and Masahiro Kahata a Macintosh Programmer who has built the iPhone application, Brainwave DJVJ share their projects based on the mysterious data of cerebral electricity.

The Kinotek collaborative have realized a complex performance called The Sounds of Complexity. An audiovisual performance in which the sound materials and the visual mappings are derived from the analogic recording of cerebral activities through an analogic elettroencephalograph (EEG) and corresponds to the discharges of billions of neurons situated in the sixth layer of human cerebral cortex.

Masahiro Kahata, a programmer originally from Japan, has been working with brainwaves for over two decades. His current software is accessible through the iPhone. It is a unique program offering DJs and VJs the freedom to affect their sets through brainwaves. His work may prove to be an exciting innovation for both fields of performance.

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DJ Dan Perrone

Dan thinks hard: Brainwave audio conversion at PWF

Sunday’s performance was a perfect event. A midway climax to the Play With Fire festival. All of the performances were a breath of fresh air! This gallery exhibits just a few of the artists working hard during the night! Lots of video was taken and will surface as the week wares on.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who passed by 1717 Troutman this past week. To the artists who were so professional. Beyond that I was proud of everything exhibited. The simple pleasure of meeting some of these people in person finally and introducing these artists to one another is beyond explanation.

Thank you all again.

Live Brainwave DJVJ by Masahiro Kahata

Outpt + Paris

Rafael, Poncho & KINOTEK

Such a great moment!

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Tonight at Harvestworks!

7 PM Panel Discussion: Video Performers

An insight into the world of video performance. Ilan Katin, a video performer and representative of the live video software, Modul8, speaks with *Rafael*, an AV performer from Spain and VJ collaborative, Mary Ann Benedetto (outpt) and Paris Treantafeles of New York.

These artists represent a cross section of the community performing with live video. A unique and challenging arena to subscribe to, they have a foot in many doors, spanning the worlds of electronic and video art, music and club scenes.

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TODAY AT PWF!! MODUL8 + Performances

Modul8 Demonstration with Ilan Katin
At Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, Suite 602 

!!!!!!Performances tonight at 1717 Troutman!!!!!!!
General lineup as follows:

4-5:30 Nick Lesley (interactive installation)
6-7 Near East Family
7-8 Ilan Katin
8-9 Masahiro Kahata and Brainwave DJ set
9-10 Outpt + Paris
10-11 Rafael (AV set)
11-12(+) KINOTEK VJ set

with DJ Dan Perrone

Kerry Downey: remote installation on view throughout the evening

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Ryan V Brennan and KINOTEK

Ryan V Brennan(foreground) & KINOTEK


Katja Loher, Kinotek and Jeremy Rotsztain

Katja Loher, Kinotek and Jeremy Rotsztain

This past Saturday and Sunday we saw hundreds of people pass through the show at 1717 Troutman. The work will be up throughout the week so pass by anytime between 12PM-4PM.

Thank you to all the artists who put in so much work installing your pieces and helping others get their work up as well. The room was beautiful and alongside BTHCBFFS offered another dimension to the curation of the entire show.

Congratulations everyone and I hope to see you all at the Performances/Closing Party where we can truly celebrate all this great work! 














3/4 Ton Ice-Stallation by Raphael Diluzio

3/4 Ton "Ice-Stallation" by Raphael Diluzio

Emily Schleiner, Heart Search

Emily Schleiner, Heart Search





Gabriel Barcio-Colombo, Animalia Chordata

Gabriel Barcio-Colombo, Animalia Chordata




KINOTEK, Sounds of Complexity

KINOTEK, Sounds of Complexity

















Monochromatic Bursts of Color

Jeremy Rotsztain, Monochromatic Bursts of Color




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New Press

What the Examiner says about Play With Fire Festival:


“In these days of corporate logos projected onto city sidewalks and Jessica Yellin appearing on CNN via hologram, many of us may have become blase about video as an artform. Yet there are many artists out there who continue to not only create new works, but who also continually redefine the role of creator and viewer and even the boundaries between video and reality.

Catch up with the latest in video art at thePlay With Fire Festival, taking place from November 7 – 21. Presented by theHarvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, the festival will feature an art exhibit, live performances, workshops, and panel discussions. Every event in the festival is free.

Gabriel Barcia-ColomboAlison ChildsMasahiro Kahata, and the Near East Family are among the many artists who will be involved. With works that cite influences as diverse as black metal, video games, iPhone apps, and the TV series “Transformers,” the festival promises to be anything but dull.

The Play With Fire Festival art exhibition will be held from Nov. 7 – 15 at 1717 Troutman Street, 2nd floor, in Brooklyn. Video performances will be held at the same space on the evening of November 15. Workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations will take place at Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, Suite 602, in Manhattan throughout the week of Nov. 15 – 21.”

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Festival Dates:

November 7-21, 2009

Art Exhibition:

Saturday Nov 7-15, 2009
1717 Troutman St., Brooklyn, NY, 2nd Floor
Opening Reception:
Sat. Nov. 7, 4-8 PM & Sun. Nov. 8, 12-6PM 

Video Performances:

Sunday November 15, 2009 5PM-12AM
1717 Troutman St., Brooklyn, NY, 2nd Floor


November 15-21, 2009
Harvestworks, 596 Broadway, Suite 602, NY, NY
*See Websites for schedule of Events*


596 Broadway, Suite 602
Manhattan, NY
Dir: F,V,D,B to Broadway/Lafayette

Peformance and Installations:
1717 Troutman St., Floor 2
Brooklyn, NY
Dir: L to Jefferson
@Cypress and Troutman¬

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