Toy’s Opera today at 6PM Closing out the Festival

Please join us in this final performance at Harvestworks tonight (November 21) at 6PM. Adam Kendall, Yoni Niv and Elad Schniderman perform this intricate audio video piece, a “small town” comes to life through amplification and live video and feedback. 

An exciting example of the possibilities of experimentation with both sound and image. These three artists spoke about their work  on Wednesday night with Nick Lesley, and this performance will be a great opportunity to see the practice behind the discussion.

Please join us also in celebrating the close of the first Play With Fire Festival. It has been a truly exceptional past two weeks. The artwork and dialog presented on the topic of progressive video application completely blew me away. I am always impressed by the dedication and professionalism present in New York. But this festival was particularly important personally as a practitioner of progressive video. I can only hope to continue providing an avenue for artists in this field to present their work in a friendly environment!

All the best and I hope to see you next year for another round of Play With Fire!!

Kristin Trethewey


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