October 15, 2009

All Submissions:

Alright I know this is short notice!!!

But here’s the deal:

Deadline October 15, 2009

If you are an artist or designer who uses video outside “the box” we want you to participate at Play With Fire!

We are seeking submissions for AV performances, installations, panel discussions, VJs, workshops or other video based projects to present or discuss.

Please send us a proposal and a description of your history and relationship to video. Weblinks, video or images of your work are also welcome and help us get a better sense of your background.



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    History – latest work: CoNCrEte: the concrete and the digital emotional and kinaesthetic amplification of the authentic and digitalised body in screendance This involved the study of emotions, the moving body, authentic and concrete experience captured and amplified by the video camera and digital media processes. It examines how the digital body and affective images become haptic when mechanically reproduced and amplified in post production. It highlights the influence of postmodern dance practice as well as the cinematic genre of Dogme 95 filmic practice in the final form of the screendance work CoNCrEte. It proposed that repetition in the edit, diegetic sound and the use of vertical montage or the paradigmatic axes in screendance is a choreographic tool and a means of amplifying audience empathetic responses to informal and personal narrative content.

    Proposal: I want to extend this into projected images of moving bodies & images on non linear architecture – and work with the notion of “Ludic City/Body Projections”…on city scapes…notions of the “interactive flaneur”, psycho geographic affordances, music … need to collaborate with interactive max/jitter person…and get hold of parkour/streetrunnning people/performers….

    See my Screendance videos:
    Karohano 08:45 2008
    CoNCrEte 05:49 2009
    Clinton’s Story 01:38 2009 Julia’s Story 2009
    sanctum II 06:19 2008
    best wishes Jeannette

  2. 2

    Is it too late to submit? I have an interactive fire piece that I would love to submit

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